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Kelly Lin – wedding dress designer

From a young age Kelly followed her mother around in their Family workroom, while she designed gowns for a range of high end International Bridal Labels. As she grew older her mother taught her the fine art of crafting couture gowns and she spent her youth mesmerized by the skill and focus it takes to design each gown to perfection.

As Kelly’s skills developed and her eye for the important details became cemented, she began to meet more people in the Bridal industry and discovered she had true passion for making people happy with her own designs. Kelly desired to leave her own mark on the world instead of lending her creative mind to someone else. She wanted to give the everyday woman beautiful gowns that shared the quality, feel and look of the expensive unattainable labels but without the costly price tag.

Opening the flagship store in Auckland, New Zealand many years ago has helped Kelly find our unique place in the bridal world.

Over the years Kelly has started a family of her own and her team has grown into a powerhouse of like-minded mums and fashion forward women which has enabled her to really nurture and developed her original vision. 

Her daughter even follows her around the store just like she once did with her own mother.

Today, we have brides from around the world and we are so proud to provide beautifully designed and handcrafted wedding gowns for the elegant, modern and timeless bride.

There is something for every woman and every body type – Tall, short, curvy, thin and everything in between we’re all about wearable, wedding gowns that make you feel like your most beautiful self. 

We create real gowns for real women and we love it!

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